Kresge Home   Berkeley, CA  

A long, steep north facing property in the Oakland fire area has marvelous views onto an undeveloped canyon, but the previous home, perched at the top of the downslope lot, had cut off the rest of the land from sun and access.

By holding the new house to the eastern half of the lot, terraces could be carved from the slope that received the sun and spilled down the entire site.

By benching the floors into the slope a few feet, most levels of the house open out onto terraces, instead of decks perched up in the air.

I personally installed many of the custom details seen in the pictures, including the variegation in the exterior plaster, the raised patterning of the dining room ceiling, the tile and plaster ornament around the main doorways, and the fountain on the main terrace.

Designed with Dan Smith.

Exterior photo of Kresge Home. Click for larger version.
Exterior photo of Kresge Home
Also available: Interior and Detail photo.
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