"All construction is destruction", as Ianto Evans says. The single best way to conserve resources is to better utilize the ones we have already put to use. We not only "recycle" the materials of the building itself, but we utilize infrastructure already in place as well.

When asked about finding affordable places to build, my first response is to not to seek out nice, natural places—you will rarely be able to successfully compete for those—but to look for ruined places, places our culture has used up and cast aside. It's less likely to be a romantic stone barn than a worn-out relic from the 1950's that still has "good bones", worth returning to life.

This is where your desire to build a place for yourself, coupled with an ecological commitment, can actually help heal the earth.

Powell House
Church of St. Paul
Share Printing Offices
McDaniel Barn
Bason House
University Lutheran Chapel
Ralph Murphy Apartment
Tenny Brownstone
Garage Renovation

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