New buildings are a great opportunity to consider the basics of building form, to seek out the best possible form for a specific program in a specific place.

Just because a building is new and custom designed, however, is no reason to require that it announce just how unique it is. On the contrary, the best designs are so well adapted, so relaxed in their contexts, that they feel as though they've always been there.

Few people are moved to ask of such a building, "Who designed this?", which is not a great help to the designer. What we really want is better landscapes, not billboards for our design talents.

Most of my new construction work over the last decade is in straw bale construction, because that is what I'm best known for. But let me emphatically state here that I am willing and able to design in other materials as well.

Hayes Home
Creek House
Raised Cottage
Rogmans Home
Burt Cottage
Kiva House
Swayne Home
Kresge Home
Cons Home
Full Belly Farm
Vault House
Shenoa Sanctuary
Shenoa Cottage

Illustrations from “New Buildings” section:
Preview of illustrations Vault House Full Belly Farm Cons Home Kresge Home Swayne Home Kiva House Burt Cottage Oyenano Rogmans Home Raised Cottage Creek House Hayes Home
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