As much as I enjoy designing unique creations for specific contexts, there is a part of me that wants to provide good design for the majority of people who are not in a position to hire an architect.

In truth, the highest achievement an architect can aspire to is not a spectacular individual building, but to create an archtype that fills a cultural need so well that it is taken up by the society at large. But because such buildings are rarely commissioned, they are rarely designed.

Occasionally, designs emerge from my pencil that have some potential as prototypes, useable in a variety of contexts. I show a few of them here, as a public offering. If you are genuinely interested in building one of these designs, contact me.

Mongolian Housing
Basic Straw Bale Vault
Oikos Cottage
Jumbo Bale Cottage
Transverse Row House
Cruck House
Long Thin Cottage
Little Square Cottage
Bale Tent

Illustrations from “Prototypes” section:
Preview of illustrations Little Square Cottage Long Thin Cottage Cruck House Traverse Row House Jumbo Bale Cottage Oikos Cottage Straw Bale Vault Mongolian Housing
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