Sisters of Perpetual Adoration Monastery   Shingletown, CA  

This cloistered order of nuns was intrigued at the possibility of building a monastery themselves by taking advantage of straw bale construction's user-friendly nature, and asked Dan and I to create a design for land being donated to the Order.

The monastery was a very complex entity, including a training wing for new nuns, a retirement wing for elder nuns, and a church accessible to visitors. In addition it had to be simple to construct, while growing gradually over several decades.

We laid out the complex around a central cloister to give the many wings a central focus. Unlike traditional monastery plans, the church did not form one side of the quadrangle, because of the need to keep the nuns and visitors completely separated.

Axonometric site plan of SPA Monastery. Click for larger version.
Axonometric site plan of SPA Monastery
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