Odwalla Recycling Facility   Dinuba, CA  

To give life to the barren factory they expanded into, Odwalla assembled a large team of diverse specialists to convert an adjacent aging plum orchard into a vibrant demonstration of their "soil to soul" ethic.

Giving form to this assembled input with Dan Smith, we devised a plan that purified the waste water from the plant with constructed wetlands, composted the fruit pulp into methane, worm castings and nematode-killing soil inoculant, and also proposed community gardens and a Native American inspired underground meeting center.

Unfortunately, the proposal was just being finished up when Odwalla's e coli incident rocked the company, so the plan never saw realization. .

Axonometric view of Odwalla Recycling Facility, water cycle. Click for larger version.
Axonometric view of Odwalla Recycling Facility, water cycle
Also available: Axonometric view of solids cycle.
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