Bale Tent

When a friend told me they were about to buy a large yurt as a temporary office structure for four people, I responded that a single, circular, uninsulated space didn't seem like a great choice.

Would they consider the alternative of making a "kit" of gluelam ribs for creating vaulted bale structures?

I've actually been very intrigued for a long time with the possibilities of less-than-permanent bale structures, given how quickly and easily the basic walls go up.

Important note: Do not consider, even for a temporary structure, leaving the final surfaces of the bales as exposed straw!

My research into the straw bale fires that have occurred shows that this is the most fire - vulnerable condition during construction.

A simple coating of clay slip, which can be spread on the bales before they are stacked, is all that is necessary to make them fire resistive.

After drawing this idea up, it did not get used, so I'm putting it out for consideration by others.

Axonometric view of Bale Tent. Click for larger version.
Axonometric view of Bale Tent
Also available: Section sketch.
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